The traumas and abuse and prejudice and poverty and everything else are much more common than any of us want to believe, and these girls want us to face it, admit it, and then do something about it.

David Huffman (Executive Producer, Editor, Writer)

Everything I need to know about Tara is evident in the series…in the way she interacts with the young women she’s interviewing. Her deep love of the people–beyond her love of the project she’s created around those people–is crystal clear in every moment you see her on the screen.

Briton Green (Co-Producer)

I have never been prouder to play a role in a production, I have spent 15 years of my life working on this beautiful project, and it is such an honor to receive these awards.

Eric Keith (Producer) In response to winning The Accolade Global Film Competition Awards of Merit for Television Program or Series and Reality Programming.

It’s high-stakes, heartwarming, and heartbreaking, all throughout…I’ve known many similar kids who have been dealt a difficult hand in life, and the right people in their lives at the right times can create the potential for transformative outcomes…You matter in this world. You deserve happiness and opportunity. You have gifts, talents, and perspectives that no one else has.

Sara Swenson (Featured Singer/Songwriter)

I’m a parent so seeing my children grow up always makes me reflect on those kids I met during the shoot and their life conditions, how some of them just lacked opportunities, it still breaks my heart remembering those testimonies full of expectations that just didn’t come true. I also admire the ones that came through, that realized in time their situation and knew exactly what they should do to avoid remaining in the loop, they are a daily source of inspiration for me.

Tito Reynoso (Cinematographer)